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Banner inkjet ink jet effect influence factors

2015-10-10    author:  Shenyang Centurystar     source:  Shenyang Centurystar

      What factors affect the printing effect of it in the banner of the customization process?

      Inkjet printing used in many industries, it is characterized by a colorful, fast manufacturing processes the image sunscreen ability, good performance, the advertising industry has brought the prospect of vigorous development. But there are some subjective reasons, the impact of inkjet printing banner effect:

      First, the ink-jet printing equipment: inkjet printer inkjet divided into indoor and outdoor units, indoor units a maximum width of 2 meters, the outdoor unit print width of up to 3 meters. In addition to printing different widths, other brands and models, good quality, Epson, high precision compared to the other no-name inkjet printers, outdoor models Witt series is the most common, better print results.

      Secondly, inkjet supplies: This is the most important factor. Consumables into inkjet ink and media. The main import original ink on the market, import in bulk, in turn weakening domestic bulk, of course, the quality, the more expensive the better quality, ink prices, of course, of course, better printing results. There are two main inkjet media: the inner and outer lights and lamps. Around these two media have varieties on the market are many, such as inkjet cloth, light boxes cloth, film, light film. Good brand super dragon dragon hunt. So many types and brands of media, the price effect, the general rule is better than the country imports.

      Finally, Lieutenant Colonel color proofing and printing process spiders printed manual processing levels require manual operation, 2-step operation levels will affect the final result of printing. Operation Inkjet case of FIG end computer to play more complex, computer-based proofing color correction capability, media, ink, this process often requires repeated several times in order to catch up with a better color results. Subjective judgment, prone to bias, banners custom enterprise generally regularly operator training, to reduce this bias.

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