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Double penetration flags flagpole common concept about making factory

2015-10-10    author:  Shenyang Centurystar     source:  Shenyang Centurystar

The following highlights common concept under the flagpole what are? Facilitate our understanding of the flagpole next

First, the flagpole height

1.if the Chinese enterprises flagpole is generally three or five, flagpole in the middle of the Chinese national flag, the flag for businesses on both sides, the Chinese national flag are generally slightly higher than the corporate flag 800mm;

2. if it is a joint venture, the Chinese national flag and foreign flag should be the same height, but the actual construction may be slightly higher than the Chinese foreign flagpole flagpole is generally 800mm;

3. the government and the army general to a flagpole or 3, general height of 12 meters to 29.98 meters;

4. Place flagpole general height of 18 meters to 29.98 meters;

5. the stadium flagpole general height of 9 meters to 18 meters;

6. both luxury hotel flagpole looked solemn but also among the general height of 12 meters - 19.8 meters, usually three or five, in the middle of the Chinese national flag, the flag of other countries or both sides of the hotel's own banner;

7.Flagpole major institutions generally use a pole or three pole height of between 12.8 m - 18.8 m.

Second, the flagpole pitch

Spacing between the flagpole and the flag is generally greater than or equal to the width of the banner, can be appropriately reduced spacing as large flagpole.

Third, flag platform

flag platform Colors generally use white, black, Indian red, three colors, shapes can be designers, but flagpole embedded parts to be buried in advance is good, and should take into account between the base and the flagpole flagpole 120 ~ 200mm high stiffener plate this part of the flag should be buried in the audience, or else such as strengthening ribs protruding granite plane must be installed in stainless steel decorative cover.

Fourth, manual, electric, pneumatic and use occasions

1.the manual flag for the flagpole 15 meters below;

2.Electric flag for 12 m - 30 m, if more than 25 meters, preferably 2 national anthem flag;

3.Electric flag usual manual button, electric and remote control button three, as the flag of the seriousness of the flag should be used for regular manual button flag, flag in hand facing forward, left hand side of the press of a button, the available remote control movements of the test flag;

4.Pneumatic flagpoles usually applied to indoor no wind to the place. As the opening ceremony held on the stadium or closing ceremony, televised live and there.

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