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Shenyang Centurystar Textile Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

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Add: Bengfa Industral Campus,Yangshi Gang Town,liaozhong county,shenwang,China

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September1997: the company was officially established
1999 The first thermal transfer paper production line, the Northeast's first thermal transfer paper producers;
July 2003: Founded Shenyang-Xin Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the introduction of the first coating production lines;
2004 Independent research and development and production of solvent-based cloth banners (ZL022811702), won the national patent and marketed;In the same years established  international trade,the products exports to Southeast Asia to international markets;
2005 China's first independent research and development and production of indoor pictorial cloth manufacturers
March 2006: The formal establishment of Shenyang Centurystar Textile Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
November2007:  Won the "Shenyang High-Tech Enterprise", entered the high-tech fields
January 2008:  Independent research and development and production of digital banner injection equipment by the national patent , won the international European Union (CE) certification;
2009 onwards: Became the first set of injection equipment, fabric, ink of an integrated production enterprises
2012: Entered a rapid development period, more than 200 kinds of product categories, a set injection, indoor, outdoor, exhibition stands and other professional digital textile cloth manufacturers and service providers.
2014: Formed with more than 300 looms, four coating production lines, the annual output value billion scale production enterprises
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